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  1. Scemtec SAT-A1-MR-P-13MHz


    HF industrial antennas mid range
  2. Scemtec SAT-A1-O-125kHz


    SAT-AF-O-125kHz open antenna d=33mm
  3. Scemtec SAT-A2-O-125kHz


    SAT-AF-O-125kHz open antenna d=60mm
  4. Scemtec SAT-A25/30-MR-P-13MHz


    HF antennas mid range
  5. Scemtec SAT-A3-O-125kHz


    SAT-AF-O-125kHz open antenna d=125mm
  6. Scemtec SAT-A4-O-125kHz


    SAT-AF-O-125kHz open antenna d=185mm
  7. Scemtec SIR-900


    UHF reader
  8. Scemtec STK-4


    STK-4 module 125kHz multi protocol read/write
  9. Scemtec roller conveyor-option


    roller conveyor-option for SAT tunnel
  10. Scemtec SAT-A25-LR-F-125kHz


    SAT-A20-LR-F-125kHz floor antenna kit 2*0,25m
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