Impinj Threshold


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Initially designed for boundary/threshold crossing applications, the Impinj Threshold antenna has a very wide beam width to maximize zone coverage.

Threshold antennas provide a consistent and continuous read zone when linearly distributed head- to-tail.

At 46 x 9 x 2 cm, the Threshold antenna’s planar form factor fits readily onto fencing or other borders.


• Strong far-field performance

• Wide beam width to maximize zone coverage

• Low profile form factor of 457 x 89 x 19 mm

• Optimized performance for operation from 865– 868 MHz Read Zone Characteristics By lining Threshold antennas up along the short edge, one continuous read zone may be established along a boundary line.

The Threshold antenna’s wide beam width provides extensive coverage across a boundary edge. 

sku: IPJ-A0311-EU1


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