Impinj Impinj is the leading provider of UHF RFID solutions for identifying, locating and authenticating items. 
Impinj draws on its technical expertise and industry partnerships to deliver a wide range of products and solutions, comprising high-performance tag chips, readers, reader chips, software, antennas and RFID subsystem integration.
  • Impinj Speedway R420 QUICK VIEW Impinj Speedway R420 from €845.60

    Impinj Speedway R420


    Impinj's innovative Speedway® Revolution reader with Autopilot automatically optimizes its operation to the environment—delivering peak performance at all times. The Speedway Revolution reader improves upon the legacy of the original,...
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  • Impinj Antenna Brickyard QUICK VIEW Impinj Antenna Brickyard €452.43

    Impinj Antenna Brickyard


    The CS-777 near-field reader antenna is a key enabling technology for UHF Gen2 Item-Level Tagging systems. The CS-777 is optimized to read near-field tags placed on products with a variety...
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  • Impinj Antenna Guardwall QUICK VIEW Impinj Antenna Guardwall €1,724.00

    Impinj Antenna Guardwall


    For item-level reading of packed goods, the Guardwall antenna provides a tightly controlled read zone and intense RF field, critical to penetrating deep into packed cases. When used as a...
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  • Impinj Matchbox antenna QUICK VIEW Impinj Matchbox antenna €191.00

    Impinj Matchbox antenna


    Matchbox (Broadband) (7.3 x 3.3 x 1.1 cm)
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  • Impinj Threshold QUICK VIEW Impinj Threshold €340.00

    Impinj Threshold


    Initially designed for boundary/threshold crossing applications, the Impinj Threshold antenna has a very wide beam width to maximize zone coverage. Threshold antennas provide a consistent and continuous read zone when...
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  • Impinj Mini Guardrail Antenna QUICK VIEW Impinj Mini Guardrail Antenna €349.75

    Impinj Mini Guardrail Antenna


    The Mini Guardrail is specifically designed for demanding item-level deployments, Impinj's Mini Guardrail operates effectively at read distances of 2.9 inches or less. This antenna is the ideal choice for...
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  • Impinj GPIO Box QUICK VIEW Impinj GPIO Box €462.65

    Impinj GPIO Box


    Impinj designed the Speedway® Revolution GPIO Box for use with the Speedway® Revolution RFID reader to provide convenient access to the reader’s GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) port. The GPIO Box...
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  • Impinj Antenna Cable QUICK VIEW Impinj Antenna Cable €66.94

    Impinj Antenna Cable


    SMA to R-TNC 4m
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  • Impinj Console Cable (DB9 to RJ45) QUICK VIEW Impinj Console Cable (DB9 to RJ45) €23.00

    Impinj Console Cable (DB9 to RJ45)


    Speedway Revolution R220/R420 Console Cable for connecting to the Impinj RShell management console through the serial console port on the Speedway Revolution reader.
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  • Impinj R700 4port ETSI/EU UHF RAIN RFID reader (no PSU) QUICK VIEW Impinj R700 4port ETSI/EU UHF RAIN RFID reader (no PSU) €2,076.00

    Impinj R700 4port ETSI/EU UHF RAIN RFID reader (no PSU)


      The Impinj R700 reader provides industry-leading performance, enterprise reliability and security, and modern developer tools. IoT developers can easily build and deploy custom enterprise applications with a Linux OS,...
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