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SmartAntenna is a long range RFID reader that is used to perform read/write operations on the major RFID UHF standard tags. The easy installation, the practical on-board man-machine interface with 3 coloured LEDs and a multitone beeper characterize this product. SmartAntenna has an embedded antenna with reading capacity of 400 cm (depending on the tag used).
Thanks to USB interface, SmartAntenna readers are able to convert devices such as PCs, Notebooks or embedded PCs in a real RFID communication platform. The SmartAntenna reader is equipped with appropriate drivers that make it compatible with the main operating systems (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux, Mac OS), allowing an easy and instant use of data exchanged with tags.  
The single communication protocol, integrated in all TERTIUM Technology products, makes it easier to develop and project an application software able to manage all the functionalities of the devices. The configuration software, supplied with the product, allows to set the major functionalities as, for instance, the reading process that can be set to operate cyclically or manually governed from terminal.
The ABS case with IP54 protection degree guarantees a high level of robustness. These features make SmartAntenna highly functional for any application requiring an RFID control station.




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