Bluvision BEEKs Plus


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BLE beacon with up to 8 yr battery life. Longest battery life beacon. Does not include onboard sensors. 

Long battery beacon perfect for:

  • RTLS [Real-Time Location System] – Tracks assets with a one-meter accuracy.
  • PLS [Proximity-Based Location System] – Alerts you know when an asset enters/exits or is in proximity to a specified area.
  • Proximity Marketing – Provides behavioral analytics such as dwell-times, path history and merchandising effectiveness.

Also great for retail applications that require multiple transmission protocols, high power and high broadcast rates.

White Housing.
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  • Eddystone, iBeacon, and sBeacon enabled
  • IP67 - Water Resistant and UV Resistant 
  • Sealed Lithium battery with long battery life - up to 10 years.
  • Size: 
  • Color: White 
  • Certifications: FCC / CE / JRF / IC
  • Industrial Adhesive backing for easy installation


sku: BVPL09W


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