Confidex Windshield Label


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Confidex Windshield Label™ is specially designed for fast and reliable vehicle identification. The passive UHF RFID label is optimized to work on car windshield glass and suitable for a wide selection of automatic vehicle identification applications such as access control, parking permit, road toll collection or insurance information verification. The product is non-transferable and cannot be removed without being destroyed.

Confidex Windshield Label™ is available as ready-to-be-used in automatic vehicle identification applications. Depending on the application, Confidex offers customized RFID labels that can include:

  • Full customization: surface printing, holograms, security marking
  • Encoding: customer specific data, password protection, encryption
  • Various delivery formats: optimized either for automatic vending machines or manual issuing processes
  • Various IC’s from: NXP, Impinj, Alien




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