Furore Access Card or Keyfob


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€22.32 incl. VAT


Using this page you can order an access card or keyfob programmed to allow access to your building.

Please note: for access to the parking garage with a car, you should order a card, not a keyfob. This is to ensure optimal reading distance with the equipment.

EasyLogic ensures:

  • registration of the user and card in the systems;
  • link access to the correct doors and groups;
  • printing of cards (e.g. with your name, not available with a keyfob)
  • adressing a letter with the access card and or programmed keyfob,
  • delivery within 5 working days at your address.

Please ensure:

  1. that you download and fill out the form
  2. send it via e-mail to "sales@easylogic.nl"
  3. put one of these products in your shopping basket
  4. and pay us using IDEAL.

Shipping costs are included in the price.

PDF  Orderform Furore EN


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