PCR212 RFID Card Reader

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PCR212 Series RFID Code Verifier is so-called RFID card reader and it is based on RFID technology. So it can read RFID transponders contactlessly. Each RFID transponder is written with an unique code duing manufacturing process. This code is the identification of each transponder. The PCR212 RFID code verifier is designed for verifying the code number of the RFID transponder, such as RFID card, tube etc. Features * Read RFID transponders contactlessly, such as RFID cards, tags, tubes * Verify the code number of RFID transponders * RS-232 interface * Decimal or Hexadecimal code number selectable * Digits of the code number selectable * Audible beeper to show reading status Specifications Power Requirement: DC 9V, 300mA Reading Range: Up to 10 cm Frequency: 125 KHz Interface: RS-232, Baud rate selectable None parity, 8 Data bits, 1 Stop bit Dimensions:W134.2 x H38.4 x D65.4mm Operating Temperature: 0 to 55 Deg. C Storage Temperature: -25 to 65 Deg. C Humidity: 5~95% RH Application Verifying RFID code number Personal indentification POS system Security Systems Access Systems Available versions *PCR210 with 20 x 2 LCD display *PCR230 keyboard emulation

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