Scemtec SAT-Tunnel-13MHz


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The RFID tunnel antenna (3D antenna) enables the secure detection of even small transponders inside a carton or laundry bag in the tunnel - an alignment of the RFID data carriers is not required. It fits over suitably sized roller-tracks.

It supports 13.56MHz transponders like: EM4034, 4035, 4133, 4135: ISO 15693; EM4237; I-Code ILT; I-Code UID; Infineon My-D: ISO 15693; + Tag specific Custom Commands see datasheet; ISO 15693; ISO 18000-3 Mode 3; ISO18000-3; NXP I-Code 1; NXP I-Code SLI (-S/-L): ISO 15693; TAG-IT HF-I: ISO 15693; VarioSens: ISO 15693

With the integrated sttID HF LongRange reader, the RFID tunnel works as a stand-alone workstation and can be easily integrated into process or commissioning systems.

So the SAT-Tunnel-13MHz ensures maximum reading accuracy combined with high reading speed.

sku: 400.2020S


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