Tumbler Keyfob HITAG S2048


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Tumbler Keyfob is constructed of durable ABS plastic housing, with most popular 125 KHz NXP chip technologies. It is designed for the secure personal identification and access control applications where photo IDs are not required.

Dimensions L 36.2 x W 30.0 x T 7.5 mm
Working Frequency 125KHz
Reading Range Depending on the reader design
Material ABS
Operating Temperature -25 to 55 (Centigrade)
Storage Temperature -25 to 75 (Centigrade)
Assembly Ultrasonic Welding
Approx. Weight 4.7 g
Protection Class IP66
Standard Color Dark Blue
RoHS Compliant
Packaging 50 pcs / box
sku: KeyHitagS


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